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Our full terms and conditions are below. If you require any additional information do contact us.

Hire Ts & Cs: Welcome
Terms and conditions of hire

Main Contact

1. All activities taking place at Bolney Meadow Community Centre (“the Centre”) by a party hiring them (“the Activities”) should have an identified point of contact (“the Main Contact”). The aim of identifying a Main Contact for all Activities is simply to ensure that:-

2. The Activities take place in accordance with the health and safety responsibilities set out below (”the Health And Safety Responsibilities”); and,

3. In the event of an emergency, as a minimum one person present is prepared to co-ordinate a response.

4. If the Activities involve a large number of people, the Main Contact is responsible for ensuring that there are other people present at the Centre during the Activities who would be prepared to ensure the Responsibilities are complied with, the Booking Terms are complied with, and to assist in an emergency.

5. Booking Conditions

6. Prior to any booking of the Centre being confirmed, this Booking Form must be read, signed and logged on Bolney Meadow Community Centre Community Interest Company’s (BMCCCIC) booking system.

7. Full payment of the booking fee (“the Booking Fee”) specified by BMCCCIC (or as otherwise agreed with BMCCCIC) for the proposed booking of the Centre by the Hirer should be made at least 21 days of the use of the Centre, and should be arranged in advance. All payments should be made payable to BMCCCIC. If the event is less that 21 days then full payment should be made immediately.

8.Where requested, Hirers should send a copy of their own insurance and/or indemnity insurance to BMCCCIC, 31 Bolney Street, SW8 1EN at least one week prior to the use of the centre (bringing in a mobile stage requires an valid insurance certificate).  A scanned copy of a valid insurance certificate sent to is acceptable.

9. The Hirer is responsible for obtaining in advance any licences necessary for the Activities and for their use of the Centre.

10. If the Centre is being used for children's activities the Hirer must be in agreement with and sign the Safeguarding Policy. The playground situated next to the centre must not be used as it is not under BMCCCIC’s management and therefore not part of the hire.

11. Deposit

12. Prior to any booking of the Centre being confirmed, a deposit of £250 (“the Deposit”) must be paid electronically to BMCCCIC within 24hrs of receipt of the invoice. The deposit guarantees the reservation and covers some of the cost, in the event of any damages to the venue. For events more than 21 days in advance, cheque payments are accepted. BMCCCiC reserves the right to pursue damages in excess of £250.00.

13. If the booking is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice, 50% of the Deposit may be retained by BMCCCIC. No part of the booking fee will be refunded.

14. Failure to comply with any of the conditions in this Booking Form may result in the partial or total loss of the Deposit and may also affect subsequent hire by the Hirer and/or the Main Contact of the Centre.

15. Any damage to the Centre or its contents arising from the Hirer’s use of the Centre must be paid for by the Hirer (BMCCCIC may use the Deposit (see below) in part payment for any such damage). The booking fee is inclusive of the cleaning charge and security fee.

16. If, following the end of the Activities, BMCCCIC is satisfied that the Hirer has complied with the terms of this Booking Form, BMCCCIC will return the Deposit to the Hirer within 10 working days.

17. Health And Safety Responsibilities

18. The Main Contact will ensure that when using the Centre for the Activities that they:-

19. Before the Activities are commenced:-

20. Record the names of those present at the Activities (should the Centre need to be evacuated, this list needs to be available to check all are present and safe);

21. Make themselves aware of the nearest First Aid Box and First Aider at the Centre;

22. Make themselves aware of available fire extinguishers and fire escape routes at the Centre;

23. Make themselves aware of the nearest phone/mobile in case a call to the emergency services is required; and,

24. Inform those involved in the activities , before the activities commence , of the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency;

25. Upon arrival at the Centre and prior to commencement of any Activities, the Main Contact will be required to confirm again acceptance of these Booking Terms and Health & Safety responsibilities by signing the Short Term Hire Agreement and handing this to the BMCC representative.

26. Ensure safe handling of equipment at the Centre before, during and after the Activities (e.g moving tables and chairs, portable electrical equipment, hot water urns);

27. Ensure that there is no smoking at the Centre;

28. Do not take any furniture outside the main hall or premises

29. Ensure that (as the Centre is in the middle of a residential area):

30. No excessive amplified music or discos can be heard outside the Centre;


  • The front door of the Centre must be kept closed if amplified music is being played; keep windows closed and make use of the airconditioning units;

32. Activities will not commence before 9am (Sundays) and cease by 10.00pm, with the Centre being vacated by 10.30pm*; and,

33. The noise level from participants arriving and particularly when leaving evening events , is kept to a minimum;

34. Ensure that we, Bolney Meadow Community Centre Community Interest Company (“BMCCCIC”), are notified of any accident that occurs at the Centre during the Activities, and it is logged in the Accident Report Book at the Centre (kept in Reception);

35. At the end of the Activities, ensure that:-

36. Any equipment used during the Activities is correctly stored when clearing up;

37. The parts of the Centre used during the Activities are left clean and in the order in which they were found and all rubbish left by those engaged in the Activities is removed from the Centre (failure to do so will result in loss of the Deposit to cover the cost of cleaning);

38. No items are left at the Centre; and,

39. No parking on the estate

40. There is strictly no parking on the estate.

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Deposit & Cancellation Policy

1.The deposit procedure varies by client. Reservations for parties and conferences require a £250.00 refundable deposit in order to place a hold on the venue. Bookings for smaller meetings in the training room on the other hand require a £100 deposit. Deposit refunds are paid via bank transfer and are made within 10 working days of providing the correct bank details.

2.Unless there is a separate arrangement, clients are required to pay the full balance of the stated amount agreed and provided on the invoice. The deposit required for events will be outlined separately on the BMCC invoice for every client.

3.The venue cancellation policy is set by Bolney Meadow Community Centre CIC. It applies for all holds, reservations, and contracted events:

4.Cancellation less than 7 days of the event: 50% of the deposit may be charged. No part of the booking fee will be refunded.

5.Cancelation less than 14 days of the event: 50% of the booking fee will be charged.

6.Cancellation less than 21 days of the event: 25% of the booking fee will be charged.

7.Earlier cancellations: a full refund of the booking fee applies; a £25.00 admin fee will be charged and deducted from the deposit.

8.This policy applies to all cancelled reservations and contracted events. When a Cancellation Fee is charged, BMCC will notify the client via e-mail. The cancellation fee will be charged against the client’s payment / account.

9.The BMCCCIC Cancellation Policy still applies if the booking form/agreement has not been signed.

Hire Ts & Cs: Homepage_about
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